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Chitra OOH

Advertising is the business of creativity and ideas.

Chitra OOH is the largest Outdoor Agency network in Gujarat. The agency carries a 90-year-old legacy, being one of the most experienced OOH Media Agency in Western India. Branding    |    Designing    |    Marketing
About Project
A Print Ad series celebrating the brand legacy which stood out, quite literally.

The folks at Chitra were looking out for a creative agency that helps them create campaigns centred around their rich Brand experience highlighted through simple touchpoints of creativity and product display. The go-to strategy adopted by our team was to make sure the content pushes the boundaries of excellence and promises to grab eyeballs whenever anyone glances over it.

Our relation with Chitra OOH, not only for a particular campaign but the retainer in general, re-iterates the fact that when giant companies put faith in their Creative agency, magic is bound to happen!

Presentation Design
New-age presentations for seamless & effective communications,
clear outreach and over-the-top product display
POFO – Creative Agency, Corporate and Portfolio Multi-purpose Template