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Ironman | Docudrama

Documentary Film
Shortlisted in the Top 50 for India Film Project

At Augen, our journey has always been driven and inspired by passion, and as a team, we always strive to gather more opportunities to work on projects that are driven by sheer passion. As a team exercise, we decided to challenge ourselves to participate in the India Film Project, which is essentially a 50-hour film making challenge.

Thankfully, through the competition, we came across a real-life passionate journey of Anand Marar, a two-time Ironman Triathlon champion and a Super Randonneur. Life can sometimes be too overwhelming, eluding you from its true meaning. For Anand, a successful corporate in his 30's life was all the same, until he decided to take its reins in his own hands.

Listening to his journey on the road of life as a corporate professional and then as an athlete, we felt the utmost desire to tell his life-affirming journey. Our earnest attempt, "Ironman" a documentary-drama was incredibly shot and edited within a time frame of 50 hours.

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