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Kashyap, a promising Antisclaing System marketed by India’s leading water solution company, is trying to bring out a positive reinforcement towards Industrial & Residential scaling due to hard water with an Eco-friendly solution against water softeners. With presence over 12 states throughout the country, Kashyap ultimately aims to reduce wastage of water resources over the future period with its products. The account brought in a lot of exciting opportunities for our team with its integrated campaign aimed to penetrate Brand Awareness with improved brand experience, product designs and 360 marketing strategy.

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  • Branding, Design, Releasing, Web
  • January 2019
Kashyap | Branding Work Kashyap | Branding Work Kashyap | Branding Work Kashyap | Branding Work Kashyap | Branding Work
Kashyap | campaign photographs
Kashyap | campaign photographs
Kashyap | campaign photographs
Integrated advertising

Genuine products need to be marketed with crumbs of Ingenuity

Building a brand is always a work in progress,and to make sure it reaches the right audience we re-invented the brand with a new identity, improved product packaging in unification with the design language for communications also developed an object-oriented website, We made sure that whatever we put up on social mediums is always in context to our marketing objectives also helped them with hyperlocal OOH campaigns. We are quite confident with the project and its penetration in the market.

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Augen Mediaworks provided me with the best designs for rebranding my business within a very short period of time. Their work is very professional and their energy is contagious.
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