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We, at Augen Mediaworks firmly believe that the value of your brand is priceless and so we make sure that we do full justice while projecting it to the end user.

A brand needs to be designed, developed and nurtured. We help to build your brand's reputation with your consumers.

Every time a client or prospect interacts with your brand, we ensure consistency across all communication channels. Brand reputation is actively built every time a customer meets your brand and in order to create a memorable impact, we use highly integrated channels. Today, we have very diversified mediums for communications with each having its own perks.

We can proclaim high visibility and a strong recall value with Outdoor, Broadcast and Print advertising while with the proactive use of Digital advertising, we can create an opportunity to develop a dialogue with the customers.

he key element for developing a brand is to send a clear message to your customer that helps move the customer from interest to acquisition. We understand what your brand stands for and create a methodical strategy while keeping in mind
* Business strategy
* Identifying target clients
* Brand positioning
* Content strategy for communications
* Budgeting
* Connecting with the customers

Be it a new brand or a new product, we make sure that the client gets to communicate their product to the customers in the most impactful way and give help them create their product a brand!

We develop creative marketing communications for corporates catering to internal and external audiences such as customers, channel partners and employees in sales and marketing.  After an analysis of the brief with the client we deploy various medias to convey the message of an organization to its potential market.

Some of the strategies generally implemented are in the form of Corporate videos, Web development, SEO, E-mail marketing as well as print materials such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets or any collateral meant to be distributed to a customer, retailer or dealer.

We believe in minimalistic designs with powerful content and a strong message.

At Augen Mediaworks, creativity is inculcated within everyone. We believe in building a culture where in there is a strong passion for ideas and stories. We do not sell services or businesses, but we sell relations, belief and magic!

We like to partner with clients who passionately love and believe in their brands

While Augen Mediaworks offers diverse services to its clients, we believe that for an impactful campaign, having an integrated philosophy of creativity across everything that’s offered it very necessary.

Advertisements reaching the customers should necessarily come across as enjoyable and memorable to create a unique impression on their minds. It takes a lot of understanding, brainstorming and an aggressive market research to carve out a campaign that perfectly reflects the brand identity and the product.

The best way to showcase a product is by contorting what you want to show your customer into what they want to see.

Designing is basically thinking correctly. Every time we create an idea, we aspire to design it into a cult; an outcome that is fused with creativity.

Apart from the basic requirements of knowing the market trends, public relations and consumer psychology, our designers have an insight of understanding the position of the clients in the market and recognizing the scope of the project. We have developed a knack of organizing the elements and using the colour theory appropriately to yield unique yet recognizable designs. Over the time as we work with a client, we deliver designed that have a consistent message that resonates with the consumer.

Our designers speak for our creativity and the importance we give to brand recognition. We strive to provide you the best design experience for any vertical, be it Corporate Identity, Print Advertising, Ad Campaigns or Web Designs

Augen Mediaworks helps businesses develop an insight-driven approach to realize marketing goals using digital marketing.

We provide diverse Digital Services which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Content + Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Integrated Web Development.

Digital is the new trend and the market is definitely going with the trend. Over the few years the prominence of all digital mediums for marketing have drastically increased due to the increasing indulgence of the end users over various digital media.

As we go through this digital transformation, we are witnessing a massive change in the way brands would be targeting their communications to the customer which would build a whole new experience of customer engagement that promises to provide a better and accurate response from the customer.

Our goal is to create digital solutions that help us build a dynamic business growth for our clients with the infusion of creativity and advanced customer analytics.

We are very enthusiastic when it comes to creating and implementing event promotions for Ambient Marketing Spaces, Concerts and Corporate Events . Our team enjoys working on promotions because they offer an opportunity to create experiences that directly involve consumers. Promotions are dynamic and fun. They’re real-life testing grounds for our team’s innovative ideas where success isn’t only defined by data and feedback, but by intangible human expressions.

We are prone to deliver extraordinary results over a very limited period of time with the help of a strong design communication and a smart marketing strategy sitting the right customers. We try to create a pulse with the audience and simplify the whole process for the client with our inbound and outbound marketing techniques